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**NOTE: This item does NOT thread directly onto your barrel, it is used in conjunction with one of our Outside Threaded Muzzle Devices.**

Breek's new slim-line Castle Blast Shield is a muzzle accessory designed to reduce the felt blast noise and concussion for the shooter and nearby operators while still focusing on keeping things compact and lightweight. The blast shield compresses tight to the back of the muzzle brake and directs the noise forward, downrange from the shooter. Anyone nearby on the range or in the field will appreciate the blast being re-directed away from them, improving their hearing and even reducing the burst of gas that can be felt from certain muzzle brake designs when a secondary operator is close.

It also reduces the muzzle flash seen by the shooter, especially when using a muzzle brake. This is especially important when using a shorter barrel, since the flash is generally larger. Instead of the muzzle flash spreading up and out, it is contained by the blast shield and directed forward. The reduction of the distraction and blinding effect is very noticiable in low light situations.

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With the Blast Shield installed it will reduce your muzzle brake's effectiveness. But if you are shooting alone or just don't care about the extra noise you are making, it can easily be threaded off and back on as desired. This allows you to pick the benefits you want in any circumstance, without requiring any tools to change anything out.

The 1.26" outside diameter design allows for the Blast Shield to fit inside even slim-line handguards. And coming in at only 2.15 inches long it adds negligible overall length to your rifle. The 6061 aluminum body and nitride finish of our blast device is made to last. And while it is strong, it is also extremely light weight coming in at a mere 1.6 ounces!

Key Features:

  • 1.26" outside diameter fits inside almost any handguard, even slim-line handguards
  • 2.15" length is even with the end of the muzzle device, adding negligible overall length to the rifle
  • 1.6 ounces - Incredibly light, especially important for a component that is out at the end if the barrel
  • 13/16 x 16 tpi threading - works with ALL of our Outside Threaded Muzzle brakes
  • Design re-directs noise and gasses away from the shooter 

Note: The Blast Shield does not protect your ears from the full noise of shooting - it is not a suppressor. Always wear ear protection when shooting!

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  • 5
    Blast Shield

    Posted by Kevin Vessel on May 5th 2021

    So, just like all Breek products this is very well made. Tight tolerance. Finish is amazing. The one thing I wish was different is their logo on it could be more prominent, but thats because I love Breek's products!

  • 5

    Posted by DWK on Jan 3rd 2021

    Looks great, fit well. Honestly not sure if i could tell a difference with it on my scorpion.

  • 5
    Blast Shield

    Posted by Ryan on Dec 28th 2020

    Excellent product and quality.