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The 3FO-S Flash Hider is machined out of heat treated 4140 then nitrided offering exceptional strength and reliability. The primary function of the 3FO-S diminishes muzzle flash by dispersing and redirecting the escaping gases generated by the fired round, thus minimizing the signature flash produced at the muzzle maintaining your tactical advantage in critical situations as well as keeping your rifle footprint as small as possible.

The 3FO-S has internal threads, a significant design advantage offering even more flash suppression over standard flash hiders. The reduced flash not only helps maintain a clear sight picture but also reduces the chances of the shooter being temporarily blinded in low-light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and target acquisition. It features a sleek, short profile that integrates seamlessly with your system, maintaining a clean and streamlined appearance.

  • Short profile works great for Pistol Caliber Carbines 
  • Internal Threads Disrupt Gas Expansion Resulting in Less Flash
  • Design: 3FO-S: 3 Prong Outside Threaded Short Flash Hider
  • Outside Thread: 13/16 x 16 TPI
  • Material: 4140 Steel Nitrided
  • Cone Shape Lockup Provides a Tighter & More Concentric Fit
  • Comes with 1 Crush Washer
  • Overall length: 1.58 Inches
  • Weight: 2.2 oz (223) 1.9 oz (9mm)
  • Made in America

Caliber & Thread Options:

  • Cal: 223/556; Thread: 1/2x28
  • Cal: .30; Thread: 5/8x24
  • Cal: 9mm, Thread: 5/8x24
  • Cal: 9mm; Thread: 1/2x28
  • Cal: 9mm; Thread: 1/2x36

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Breek Arms’ lineup of Outside Threaded Muzzle Devices is an affordable upgrade that gives you the option to run a flash hider or muzzle brake while utilizing our Breek Arms Castle Blast Shield as a forward blast diverter or concussion device. Simply slide the Blast Shield over the outside of the muzzle device and turn the blast shield on. This gives the shooter a more pleasant experience when firing especially for shorter platforms that tend to have an overbearing concussion. Added durability due to an updated heat treating process that increases reliability for higher muzzle pressures. Installation of all Breek Arms muzzle devices are very straightforward and require basic hand tools. 

See all of our Outside Threaded Muzzle Device designs here!

BFO : Cage Style Flash Hider Outside Threaded 

3FO v2 : 3 Prong Flash Hider Outside Threaded

3FO-S : 3 Prong SHORT Flash Hider Outside Threaded

2BO-S : Single Port SHORT Muzzle Brake Outside Threaded

2BO : Two Port Muzzle Brake Outside Threaded

Castle Blast Shield Outside Threaded Forward Concussion Device

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  • 5

    Posted by Anthony Leighton on Apr 29th 2024

    Great little flash hider for a short PCC set-up. Breek Arms seems to have a solid option or two for about any caliber you can think of...

  • 5

    Posted by Ray R on Jan 15th 2024

    Excellent device that functions perfectly om my AR9. Can't beat the price or the sleek looks!

  • 5
    Best bang for the buck!!

    Posted by Michael A. on Dec 18th 2023

    First off, let me say that this is my first time using Breek Arm's products. I purchased the short flash hider and castle deflector together. Installation onto the barrel was a breeze, forks timed perfectly (preference, not a requirement). After seasoning the threads a few times the castle cover fit like a glove, easy on/off with some elbow grease (no wrench required). Once at the range the short flash hider performed better than expected, flash was basically non-existent and the recoil wasn't anything worse than an A2 cage. Gases out the forks were manageable and didn't affect muzzle rise. Once I installed the shield the recoil jumped a bit but that's understandable as to it's design it blows everything out the muzzle directly to the front, so physics still played it's part. Overall this will be my permanent addition to my home defense rifle, if you're looking at this to be a future upgrade for yourself I recommend you take the plunge. Packaging was awesome, they gave a sticker decal and a thank you card which is greatly appreciated.

  • 5
    3FO-S Flash Hider

    Posted by Shane on Nov 27th 2023

    Great flash hider that doesn’t make a ping sound & I now own 4 of these specific flash hiders as well as other products from Breek Arms. Shipping was fast, it arrived in my mailbox 3 days after I placed my order so ? ? ? Breek Arms.

  • 5

    Posted by Tyler Haerr on Jul 31st 2023

    Love it, looks fantastic and works great!

  • 5
    Muzzle device

    Posted by Larry Duckett on May 31st 2023

    The best I have used yet! Breeharms is a very good company they shipped very fast and most of all there prices are reasonable!!!!

  • 5
    Excellent as always

    Posted by Thomas on May 10th 2023

    Bad ass as usual attention to detail to the nth..

  • 5
    Short Flash hider 9mm

    Posted by Pat Huffman on Mar 20th 2023

    Used on a 16" PCC build to make an already quiet rig even quieter. Works great.

  • 5

    Posted by Serge on Sep 13th 2022

    Quality wise this thing looks good, but the main reason I bought it was because of the blast shield attachment option. The look of the two together is awesome. Can't speak for functionality since I haven't been to the range yet, but I don't forsee any issues.

  • 5
    Amazing looks

    Posted by Michael Tovar on Jan 18th 2022

    It’s small and does the job while keeping the rifle looking badass. Definitely would recommend if someone is looking to shorten their muzzle break. It pares nicely with their blast shroud.

  • 5
    Flash hider

    Posted by Miguel Camacho on Dec 7th 2021

    Very easy to install and looks great

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