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The Breek-LOK: The Ultimate Quick Detach uppressor System

Unlock the full potential of your suppressor system with the Breek-LOK, a revolutionary quick detach system designed for simple operation and unparalleled performance.

Breek-LOK Compatible Muzzle Devices - TRIPLET FLASH HIDER

The Breek-LOK QD Suppressor Attachment system stands as the pinnacle of quick detach mounts, offering unmatched speed and simplicity in attachment and detachment. The streamlined muzzle device profile seamlessly integrates with your firearm, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

The Breek-LOK Triplet Flash Hider’s primary function is to diminish muzzle flash by dispersing and redirecting the escaping gasses generated by the fired round, thus minimizing the signature flash produced at the muzzle. The internal threads are a significant design advantage offering even more flash suppression over standard flash hiders. The reduced flash not only helps maintain a clear sight picture but also reduces the chances of the shooter being temporarily blinded in low-light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and target acquisition. The slots on the prongs are cut to varying lengths to eliminate the "ping" noise commonly associated with prong or tine-style flash hiders. It features a sleek, low profile design that integrates seamlessly with your system, maintaining a clean and streamlined appearance.


  • Breek-LOK QD Compatible
  • Design: Triplet
  • Material: 4140 Hardened Steel, Nitride
  • Overall length: 2.25 Inches
  • Weight: 2.1 oz (223/556) 1.9 oz (30 cal)
  • Peel Washer Included
  • Designed & Manufactured in America

Caliber & Thread Options:

  • Cal: 223/556; Thread: 1/2x28
  • Cal: .30; Thread: 5/8x24 or M14x1LH
  • Cal: 9mm; Thread: 1/2x28 or 5/8x24

Description of Operation

The Breek-LOK allows a user to quickly affix and remove their suppressor from a firearm. Insert the muzzle device into the HUB with the UNLOCK indicator at the 12 o'clock position, apply downward pressure to compress the spring, and turn the suppressor 90 degrees counter clockwise to lock the lugs into place. The LOCK indicator will now be at the 12 o'clock position. Simply turn the suppressor counter clockwise to ensure the HUB is fully seated to the muzzle device. The user may opt to use two hands to securely seat the suppressor. The detent ring will keep the suppressor from backing off during use. 

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- Triplet Flash Hiders using .223/5.56 ammunition have been tested and rated for 12.5" barrels and longer

- Triplet Flash Hiders using .308 ammunition have been tested and rated for 14.5" barrels and longer

- The use of PEEL WASHERS OR SHIMS for installing muzzle devices is HIGHLY recommended


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