37mm Socket (1/2" dr) for Breek-LOK HUB Mount Installation Tool

Breek Arms

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37mm socket required to install your BREEK-LOK HUB Mount. Cerakoted to protect the finish on your HUB.


Upgrade to Breek-LOK today and revolutionize your shooting experience.


Description of Operation

The Breek-LOK allows a user to quickly affix and remove their suppressor from a firearm. Insert the muzzle device into the HUB with the UNLOCK indicator at the 12 o'clock position, apply downward pressure to compress the spring, and turn the suppressor 90 degrees counter clockwise to lock the lugs into place. The LOCK indicator will now be at the 12 o'clock position. Simply turn the suppressor counter clockwise to ensure the HUB is fully seated to the muzzle device. The user may opt to use two hands to securely seat the suppressor. The detent ring will keep the suppressor from backing off during use. 

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