Viridian HS1 with Green Laser Black or FDE

Viridian Weapon Technologies

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Viridian’s new HS1™ is the world’s first AR hand stop with integrated laser sighting device. Utilizing M-Lok mounting, grip activation buttons, adjustable windage and elevation, and an ergonomic design, the HS1 is the perfect accessory for your tactical firearm.

The uniquely placed pressure activated button makes the HS1 ideal for use on AR-style firearms as the laser can be activated when the shooter is using a variety of grip styles. The shooter gets all the protection of a hand stop while utilizing a highly visible green laser sight for aiming.




The HS1 uses a single 1/3n battery. To prevent short circuiting the product, please ONLY USE WRAPPED BATTERIES. You can purchase batteries here. The battery should be installed + sign facing towards the gun.

The HS1 is designed to fit directly to MagPul M-Lok rails. If you have a picatinny rail, you can purchase a M-Lok rail adapter here.

Important: Please be aware that there has been no formal ATF classification of this device for use with firearms under 26 inches and the device may also be subject to various state regulations or prohibitions. Viridian takes no position and accepts no responsibility for user compliance with ATF or U.S. state regulations. Users unsure of placement of device on any firearm should seek the advice of a qualified legal professional regarding use of the device pursuant to ATF and U.S. state regulations. Sales are void in states where device is prohibited.

M-Lok® is a registered trademark of Magpul Industries Corp. used for Viridian products as part of a licensing arrangement.

In review of state regulations, we are not currently shipping this product to the states of California, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, and the District of Columbia. Please review the regulations in your state to determine allowance of this product.


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