MyRewards Overview

1. Create an account here to start collecting rewards points. If you have an account, your rewards points are already being collected!


2. When you place orders, our system will credit points to your MyRewards account according to the order value and point earning ratio.


3. You can check your loyalty points balance by signing into your account, clicking on the pop up menu on the bottom right corner of your screen OR going to "Information" then "MyRewards" 


4. Your loyalty page will pop up which allows you to redeem rewards, retrieve the discount codes they redeemed earlier, and see their loyalty points transaction history.


5. You can choose to turn your points into store credit which you can apply to your order in the checkout process OR take advantage of discounted items that are offered by using rewards points. For example, a shirt costs your 1200 rewards points vs $19.99 (1200 points translates to $12 store credit, so you would save $8). Reward points will be deducted from the your MyRewards account after you redeem a reward. 


This is just one way we want to keep giving back to our customers, so thank you for support!

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