• When can I expect my order to ship?
    • We ship out orders within 1 business day after the order is placed. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be sent out the following Monday.
  • How long does shipping generally take?
    • Once an order leaves our facility it is no longer under our control, but is in the hands of the Post Office. We don't have control over carrier delays, but since we are centrally located most orders are delivered in 2-3 days. If there are excessive delays in receiving your package, please reach out to us at sales@breekarms.com and we will do our best to help you.



  • Where is my barrel nut?
    • The first place to look is inside the handguard itself. Loosen up the handguard and tilt it so the receiver end is down and the nut should slide out after a couple shakes or a gentle pull from your fingers. Since both pieces are black it blends in very easily and is easy to miss. If you still can't find the barrel nut, please send us a message at sales@breekarms.com and we will happily take care of you.
  • What is the recommended torque values for barrel nuts?
    • The recommended torque values are between 40 and 50 ft/lbs.
  • What is the threading for the barrel nut?
    • AR-15 barrel nuts are 1.25" x 18tpi (standard for AR-15 platform).
    • For AR-10 barrel nuts please see individual product detail page.
  • What size wrench is needed for the barrel nuts?
    • For all C-Cut, Mach 2.0, and Forward Cut handguard requires a 1 1/8 inch size wrench, and the maximum width for a crow's foot or other crescent wrench is 5/8".
    • For all the new DELTA Line of handgaurds, a wrench size of 1 1/4"
  • How are the handguard lengths measured?
    • Lengths are measured from the mating surface of the receiver end to the farthest point on the muzzle end, see individual product descriptions for exact details.
    • If the muzzle end of the handguard has a cut-out shape, the depth of the cut will be provided in the description for that product and will be measured from the very end of the handguard.
  • Do these handguards work with billet uppers?
    • Most of our handguards do not have any tabs sticking out, so they will mate with a billet upper. Keep in mind that the generally wider billet frame may stick out farther than the handguard width. Please see individual product detail pages for further clarification.
    • Some of our handguards do have anti-rotational tabs, those items most often do not mate directly with a billet upper since the tabs do not fit around a wider billet frame. Fortunately you have a couple options to modify these handguards to fit:
      1. Cut the tabs completely off. This option will allow the handguard to mate with any billet upper.
      2. Grind/file down the inside of the tabs until the handguard fits over the upper. This may take a little more patience and checking as you go, but will allow you to keep some of the tabs in most cases (depending on how wide the upper is).
  • Do you have FDE or any other colors?
    • Not at this time, black anodized aluminum is the most popular option and is all we carry.
  • How much clearance do your AR-15 handguards have (inside diameter)?
    • All of our AR-15 handguards (unless specifically marked otherwise in the product description) are slim-line models, with an inside diameter of 1.35". While this is generally preferred due to the lighter weights, it does limit compatibility with piston gas systems, some suppressors, and bull barrels plus their gas blocks. Please double check the clearance you require when selecting a handguard for more custom builds.
  • Do you offer AR-10 (308) rails and other products?
    • Yes, we have a limited AR-10 parts offering and we are working to expand those product lines. We only want to offer excellent materials to our customers so we perform our due diligence on each and every product, which means it does take some time before we are ready to offer our new products. Rest assured that we will post new items available for sale as soon as we can, we love providing more excellent items to be used in your builds!
  • How much clearance is needed between the gas block and handguard?
    • For slim handguards you may notice that there is not much space between the inside of the handguard and the gas block. This is ok, there should be no issues as long as there is some gap between them, even if it is minimal.


Returns & Refunds:

  • How do I return my item for a refund?
    • Visit your Orders page in your BreekArms.com account and select the return option for your order. This process will notify us and we will reach out to you with more details.
  • How long does the refund take to process?
    • Generally it takes Breek Arms only a couple days to process your return after the item is delivered back to us.  After this, you will likely receive the credit within 3-5 days, but this always depends on your card issuer's policies. We have no control over that.


Gun Gallery:

  • What is the Gun Gallery?
    • The Gun Gallery is a web page on our site that showcases some of our customer's builds that have used any of our parts. It includes a picture of the gun and if desired can show a name and profile picture of the owner alongside their creation.
    • This is a fun way for us to see all the cool stuff you guys are making, and it allows others to look in awe at your handiwork!
  • How do I get my gun build featured in the Gun Gallery?
    • If you have used any Breek Arms product in your latest build and want to show it off, please email us pictures and details at photos@breekarms.com and we will get them uploaded. Be sure to include your name and a picture of yourself to be featured alongside the pictures of your build.