High Power Carbine Buffer Spring for AR-15, Polished SS Finish

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High Powered Stainless Steel Buffer Spring

  • A high powered spring offers faster cycle rates and improved feeding reliability with an additional 1.2 lbs of forward force.
  • It is polished for smoother operation in the buffer tube and dampens that sound, especially helpful when running the firearm suppressed.


*Note: High power springs generally improve performance of carbine and shorter gas length systems due to those systems generally being 'over-gassed'. In longer gas systems such as mid-length or systems that have a smaller gas port or are 'under-gassed' in some way, then a regular power spring may be adequate or in some circumstances even perform better. Please take this into consideration when deciding what power spring to use in your system.

While it is up to you to decide which spring power will work best for your rifle, Breek Arms recommends the high power spring for most situations since it adds just a little extra and is not too extreme. In almost all cases either a high power or standard power spring will work well, and it comes down to personal preference. At Breek Arms, we equip all of our rifles with the smoother higher power spring.

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