Anti-Walk Pin Kit - Standard .154 Diameter Pin Hole

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Breek Arms Anti-Walk Pin Kit is a great way to upgrade any rifle. They are designed to prevent the pins from rotating, ultimately preventing them from widening the pin hole on your receiver and/or working their way out of your rifle all together. If you have ever found yourself pushing your pins back in, even just a little bit, this kit is for you. Every time your pin works its way out and gets pushed back in, you run the risk of irreversibly widening the pin hole. If you're thinking that your pins haven't worked their way out yet, you may want to re-think overlooking this upgrade.

There is no machining needed to install this kit, all parts needed are included. Please note that the external width of some AR receivers may vary in thickness in the trigger/hammer pin area. The pins being slightly too long will not affect the function or performance.

Note: Recommended torque on the screw is 8 in-lbs.

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